A few minutes a day for the beauty of your body – effective exercises

We do not notice during routine work, as it may change our body. And then came the feast, we climb to shop for new clothes and what we see? Yes, a lot of tears, a lot of accusations, again the intention to take a hard diet.

Why holidays soon, and fitness – too expensive luxury that requires a lot of time. However, every woman should remember, but rather supposed to get that bit of exercise a day will help her to be attractive and to remain in good shape.

If you want to lose weight and look good, then on top of that pick diet, proper nutrition from vegetables, apples, berries, juicy but lean meat, chicken, beef. Discard the flour, at least for the time to create a discharge mode. Drink plenty of juice, eat the greens. It not only helps to normalize the metabolism, but also enhances the mood. No harm would be – just good. During three weeks of leave the problem areas of the body. And then – even easier.

It is important to remember that weight loss is suitable for a range of aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise – those that are performed in the air, because oxygen promotes weight loss. And with proper nutrition you will immediately notice the results. This is especially true of people who are used to lead a sedentary lifestyle, sitting at work, on which he performed most of the time. Of course, this has a negative impact on the body, but if you choose individual exercises that will approve a doctor, you can even cure many diseases.

The human body is divided into several zones, each of which needs attention and individual care. There are no such exercises that pulled up to the whole body at once. These need to be addressed in stages and in parts. Identify problem areas and set goals, highlight areas in need of true correction. True to correction – is the one that really should lead to normal.


1. ABS

Lift the torso while sitting on the floor. It is best to use the mat, but the surface should not be too soft. Follow the account. Keep the blades touch the ground, and drawn into the stomach. Of course, not used to it can be very difficult, but it will take time and you will see that you can go up bigger and better. During the exercise you can relax a minute and start again. His hands behind his head, try to curl. This will help the muscles to relax.

Muscles need to draw emphasis on the slopes. Do not do a lot at once, if you can not. Gradually, step by step, you will see that you will be easier to perform certain exercises. Repeat them to be every minute.

Another important exercise for the press is an emphasis in the sitting position, which is performed on straight arms.

To make it, you need to bend the right leg, foot and pull it slowly twist. Repeat this motion should be three to five times.

Another exercise – a candle, for sure, is known to all. While holding the lower back, lift your feet up as much as you can do it.

2. Sculpt hips

Do lunges, which help to tighten thighs and buttocks. It is simple, no problem, but I still do not have to try very hard and spend a lot of effort. Note that the load should be increased gradually.

Starting position seems that feet should be shoulder width apart and hands can be on the belt. If you find it hard to perform it with no hands, then leave them at the seams and help yourself.

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On the inhale to sit down, and so more than twenty times. Do and kick their feet. This is another very useful exercise, which develops flexibility. The rise of the legs to the sides strengthens calves and thighs.

Of course, it is important to monitor the heart rate when you perform a stress on the body. If you want to strengthen it in its entirety, then choose the set of strides and stretch marks. These include – cardio.

Do you know a jump rope? Remember as a child you used it in many games? In general, any application tools beneficial to the body, when used with the load. In the East, where martial arts were invented, they were formed from scrap items and proper breathing. For example, there is nothing wrong with having to move a box from one room to another, or a bucket of water. Similarly thus possible to work with game elements, such as a rope and a hoop.

Jump Rope – a great thing to charge. For tightening the buttocks, fit “step.” All that is needed – to climb up on his toes then one foot, then the other.

Popular scissors can also be returned to the arsenal of exercises. Lying on your back, bend your legs and pull the twenty-five times. There are several types of these movements, but the principle is the same type, and the differences do not affect the result. Everyone chooses what he feels more comfortable.

Keep in mind that each charge, on which you have not stopped, preceded by warm-up, designed to warm up the muscles. This is in order to avoid injury. Can be traumatic, even the most simple swing is. If your body is not accustomed to training, it is necessary to heat up stronger. This is important. Only when the body is ready to conduct training, start basic gymnastics. Do not neglect this knowledge. It is understandable that you may have a little time, but it’s best to do a good workout than a week then do not get up from the couch in pain.

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Each person has to stretch to regenerate his body. Stretching helps to feel better, healthier, easier. Elementary slopes will help stretch the lower back, legs, back, improve blood circulation.

Pawn Shop – it’s not make-up and clothes, and a healthy strong body. If you want to look good, you should always start with itself, from the inside. Think about whether you love your body, take a look in the mirror, what you do not like yourself. It just so happened that we live in a society where the opinions of others often becomes crucial. If you depend on this and worried that you are thinking about other people, you will never be able to become independent and perfect personality. Charging will be useless too.