Exercises for flat belly

French women, even if nature did not endow them with a pronounced waist, they know how to keep yourself in shape. You, too, are doing everything to get rid of extra inches: rock press, reduced calorie diet – and the result is not. We will help you achieve the effect.

The reason for your failures – not that you are trying to post little in training or not limit yourself to sweet. The whole thing – the wrong approach: after exercise and diet for flat media should be chosen, taking into account areas of fat deposition in the abdomen. As a rule, women are two of them: the lower and upper abdomen. Identify your problem area – and begin to act as soon as possible!

Imaginary thin
• Currently, many U.S. media write about this concept as «skinny fat» («thick thin persons”). So we call thin people who have, nevertheless, there is excess body fat. But not subcutaneous, and the so-called “internal”, who likes to accumulate around the abdominal organs. So even if you are petite and can eat anything and not to gain weight, svoit reconsider their eating habits – or syndrome “fat belly” you will not escape!

The fat in the abdomen
Fat deposition is associated with features of the constitution and women’s hormonal status: for the extra inches in the area meets the sex hormone estrogen. From this fairly easy to get rid of fat – it is under the skin, so it works well against both fitness and diet. In general, the “soft” tummy is typical for women with pronounced feminine form. Remember Laetitia Casta, Catherine Deneuve, Mariyon Cotillard.

Optimal Nutrition:
First of all, you should give up the food sources of saturated fat, which may contain estrogen (it’s all fatty meat products), as well as sources of simple carbohydrates (white bread, sweets) in favor of vegetables and cereals. “This will help normalize estrogen levels and reduce the amount of fat in this area”, – said Natasha Turner, a registered dietitian and author of «The Hormone Diet».

The fitness club, pay attention to the group training on balance – how you fit with yoga, Pilates and aerobics with bare or TRX-loops. On the street and train yourself at home on the plan on page 50. For training you will need a chair (or bench), who will play the role of an unstable support. You have to exert extra effort to maintain a balance so stubborn muscles (Transverse abdominis and the lower part of the Rectus abdominis) will be used at 100%.

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Marion Cotillard. Bike and walking – an important part of its program of activities. And one of her favorite exercises – “climber”. Need to stretch your hands to the ground, placing them shoulder width apart, elbows slightly bent, feet retract. Strain the press and pull your left knee to the left hand, then quickly change the feet – this is one repetition.

Fat in the upper abdomen
In this field, typically the fat accumulates around abdominal organs. It puts pressure on the front wall of the abdomen, so that the stomach appears, even if you do not have fat accumulation in the press. An illustrative example – the figures fragile Audrey Tautou, Keira Knightley, Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen, who still has a little tummy.

Optimal Nutrition:
There will fiber diet – c low in carbohydrates and plenty of monounsaturated fats (sources – avocado, olive oil). “Often an excess of visceral fat is associated with increased levels of sugar in the blood, so women who do not have a waist, you need to limit starchy foods (bread and sweets),” – says Kathy Swift, a nutritionist at UltraWellness Center.

In the club to attend group exercise, aerobics, exercise on the cardio interval scheme, embodied in a computer simulator. At home and on the street do lower abs exercises on the plan from the “standing on the floor”: they are effectively working on top of the muscle Rectus abdominis, than the classic twist. Performing them, you will not be loading the waist. But the study External obliques and Internal obliques will make the waist already.

Audrey Tautou, like most French women are not active supporter of fitness classes. However, the star coach Cornel CHIN changed her attitude to training. The actress confessed in an interview that did not like fitness before, but thanks to Cornel engaged with pleasure.

1. Rectus abdominis
(Rectus abdominis) – just she is responsible for the appearance of the abdomen. Can be divided into two parts: the upper and lower abs.

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2. External obliques
(External obliques) and the Internal obliques (internal obliques) – if you train them to power simulators, the waist may increase. For them, the optimal training with light weights.

3. Transverse abdominis
(Transverse muscle) “pulls” the abdominal wall. It helps to keep all the organs of the abdominal cavity in a natural position.


1.Pull-ups on the balance sheet

Working muscles, stabilizers and muscles of the lower part of the press
Sit on a chair sideways, clutching his left hand
back of a chair, right hand on the seat, legs – parallel to the floor. Bend the right leg at the knee and pull it to the face (A), straighten it.
Simultaneously bend your left knee and pull up to your chest (B). Follow minute.

2.Stick with leg lifts

Working muscles, stabilizers, abdominals, arms
Turn to face the chair seat and accept the position of the bracket with support on forearms, feet together. Keep your back straight (A). Bend the right leg at the knee and pull your right arm to the elbow (B). Return to the starting position. Perform 30 seconds, switch sides to complete the approach. Repeat.

3. “Cobra”

Work your back muscles, the press, waist
Place your hands against the chair seat and rising on the toes. Cave in at the waist and lifting the chest and shoulders, drag back and chin up. Make sure that during the movement of his hands were still. At endpoint, pause for 30 seconds (as in the photo) and then relax the muscles. Take a break and repeat.

4. “Equilibrist”

Working muscles of the arms and the press
Sit down, his arms wrapped around the edge of the chair. Lift the hips above the seat (A). Bend your knees and lift them up (B). Hold for 1 minute, then scroll down.

5. Contact plate with leg lifts

Work your abs, back, arms, shoulders
Take posture back support with straps on the seat of a chair, feet on the floor. Tighten your abs. Tear off the left foot off the floor and raise the level of the hips (A), then bend the leg at the knee and pull up to your chest (B). Perform each exercise for 2 minutes, change direction.

1.Side twist

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Work the obliques pressai leg muscles
Stand up straight, hands – on top of the head, elbows –
in hand, put his right foot on the toe (A). Lean to the right side, and his right leg bent at the knee, try to touch the knee elbow right hand (B). Follow for 2 minutes.

2. Balance on toes

Work your abs, buttocks, thighs and legs
Stand with your feet together, hands behind the back flip down (A). Lift up on the toes and do the squat, rounded back, hands forward and up (at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the floor) (B). Hold this position for 20 seconds, then take the original. Take a break for 10 seconds, then repeat the exercise, hold
position for 5 seconds.

3. Steps with twists

Work your abs, thighs and legs
Stand up straight. Put your right foot behind the left at a distance slightly wider steps, put your hands up and somknite in the castle above the head (A). Transfer the body weight on the left leg and bend your right knee and lift the level of the waist. At the same time lower your arms down, and turning the body to the right, try to touch the elbow of his left hand on the right knee leg (B). Return to the starting position, change direction. Follow for 2 minutes.

4. “Aero-dance”

Work your abs, arms, legs and thighs
Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width place, put your left foot on the toe. Raise your right arm up and to the right, the left lower down (A). Bend your left leg at the knee and, having fallen down, touch the floor with your right hand and place it on the left thigh (B). Return to the starting position and do the exercise for a minute, change direction.

5. Squats with touches the floor

Work the obliques, the muscles of the arms and thighs
Stand with your hands, spread to the sides at shoulder height, feet shoulder-width apart (A). Perform squats by touching the left hand on the floor with the toe of his left foot, raise your right hand up (B), then return to starting position, then immediately repeat the exercise on the other side. Perform each exercise for 2 minutes.