How To Build Muscles Effectively

Exercise is definitely the ultimate means to preserving muscle. But a lot of people just don’t know which muscle groups to focus and work on to achieve the goal of building muscles to preserve and maintain wellness.

People will often get mistaken by the terms such as “re-building muscle mass” because they will tend to think that this is only done by going to the gym and workout to build muscles in the arms, chest and shoulders. Although working out in the gym can build muscles, what they will never be able to understand is the association of muscle building and the age-related sarcopenia.

The upper extremities contain only 15% of the body’s total muscle mass and you can increase their size by 200% without any obvious difference in the measurement of body’s total muscle mass. If any significant breakthrough is to be made, then the major muscle groups are to be targeted.

What most “workout nuts” don’t realize is, the biggest muscles in the body are the quadriceps on the front of the thighs. Next to them are the gluteus muscles in the buttocks. Third in place are the hamstrings on the back of the thighs. Therefore, the key to activating the “anti-aging” factor in exercising is focus on exercises that work on flexing and extending the hip joint.

Another key to building muscle successfully is to focus on performing compound exercises that move more than one joint with the heaviest weights right from the start of exercises. By working on the major muscle groups first, faster results are made possible because that’s how our body runs itself.

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Exercises can also be performed with movements that extend over a wide range of motion for the major muscle groups such as the legs and the back. But for most men, one of the fastest ways to build muscle is with a “Split Routines.”

By “Split Routines” it is meant that exercises are not performed in the same manner every time workout is done. Instead, exercises are split into 2 groups and each is performed on different days.

Aerobic exercises also must be added to every workout regime. They support peak cardiopulmonary function. Bear in mind though, that long duration cardiovascular exercises will cause the body to strip muscles by itself. Cardio endurance activities such as jogging will burn off our body’s hard-earned muscle.

Therefore, knowing which exercises to perform that can produce results fast and efficiently is one of the most important things any “workout nuts” must know.

Always work on the major muscle groups to produce massive and evident result first because not only do these exercises produce fast results, but also they re-adjust the metabolism of the body in such a way that those with fast metabolism – people who can’t seem to gain weight – and those with slow metabolism – people who can’t seem to be able to lose weight, can easily reach the most optimal level of health and functionality.

Please check with your physician before you try any of these exercises, make sure your body will endure.