Perfect Back


‘A strong back is the girls do not necessarily have to be huge. On the other hand, looks much more attractive, “traced” back. In order not to increase the body in the amount necessary to shift the load on the muscle groups that are closer to the spine. Movements should be accompanied by a pendulum-slide blade from the outer edge to the vertebral column. It is advisable to perform regularly, gradually increasing weights. In addition, exercise, trainees back muscles have a positive effect on women’s breasts. As the antagonist muscles, the muscles of the chest during all exercises on the back stretch and have thus become accustomed to this state. As a result, a woman becomes a beautiful posture, emphasizing the beneficial advantages!’

Pulling the SPINE

Stretch the muscles of the lower and upper back.
Sit on the floor, legs – apart. Bend your arms in front of chest, palms down (A), and straightening the arms, make a back swing (B). Return arms to the starting position, turn palms up and make the swing back. Return to the starting position and do the lean forward, hands touching the floor. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times.


Run the length of the back muscles.
Stand up straight. Stretch for toes: hands – up, stomach in (A). Get down on your feet and slowly bend forward (watch bent first cervical, thoracic, and then finally the lumbar spine). Grasp hold of the ankles and pull the body to the hips (B). Slowly straighten your spine, back
its original position.

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Deadlifts with dumbbells

Working muscles and lower back buttocks, long back muscles, hamstrings.
Stand up straight. Feet – shoulder width apart. Take a dumbbell. Hands along the housing (A). Slightly bending your knees and move your pelvis back, lean forward, lowering the dumbbell up to mid-calf. Keep your back straight (B). Perform 2-3 sets of 15-20 repetitions.

ROD DUMBBELLS to the belt in the slopes

Work your lats
Stand with your feet already put his shoulders. Take dumbbells weighing 3-4 kg, cave in the back, chest – go ahead. Draw your belly, and by keeping the deflection, lean forward, knees slightly bent (A). Fix the position. Pull the dumbbells to the lower abdomen, and the elbows should be sent back (B). Lower the dumbbells to the knees, or slightly below, do not tilt your head down. Perform 3-4 sets of 10 repetitions.