Strength fitness workout ABS and ABT

Power Fitness – a set of exercises designed to strengthen specific muscle groups. It is through such studies are burned fat cells and purposefully worked out the problem areas, thus forming a strong, trim, shapely figure. Exercises are suitable for both men and women and do not require special training.

Power brings together different types of fitness training. For example, men usually prefer Pump and Upper-body – training with a special mini-bar and other supplies, aimed at building muscle mass of the upper body. But women prefer to exercise ABS and ABT, focused on strengthening the press, buttocks and legs.

ABS stands for Abdominal – Back – Spine. This strength training abdominal muscles, combined with exercises to strengthen the back and the development of flexibility. Results occupation become apparent very quickly: the burned body fat on my stomach and hips, cellulite disappear, strengthens abs, reduced waist circumference, body mass decreases.

ABS – working belly

There are four groups of exercises, which combined, can strengthen the upper, lower and oblique abdominal muscles:

1) Work with the trunk fixed legs;
2) footwork when the body motionless;
3) Cross-work the body and legs;
4) simultaneous operation of the torso and legs.

ABS also include training exercises to develop muscles of the back, including deadlifts, lifts the body of the prone position, bridges, etc. Experts say that it is this strength training is best contributes to a beautiful figure and posture.

ABT – the secret of beautiful legs

ABT (Abdominal – Buttocks – Thighs) – a group of exercises designed to work with the lower part of the body. Through such training tummy and buttocks tightened, removed fat from the thighs. During the lessons actively used fitness equipment: step class, dumbbells, body bars. With their help it is possible to work as deeply problematic areas, achieving visible results in a short time. It should be noted that the complex also includes ABT and stretching exercises, allowing the muscles to relieve tension and normalize breathing.

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Features of strength training

Power Fitness in recent years is very popular in our country. The secret is simple – these exercises have the greatest effect on the muscles, allowing you to adjust the shape and get rid of fat and cellulite. In addition, these activities speed up metabolism and have a positive impact on the cardiovascular system.

To power loads to be effective, the instructor carefully monitors compliance of each exercise. If the ABS or ABT include training sessions with dumbbells, then consult a specialist regarding their weight. It is important to note that each workout should begin with a warm-up, which will help to warm up your muscles before doing strength exercises.